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Summer is on its way and so is one of Pet Owners most dreaded topics FLEA’S.

With our milder winters Fleas are not only a summer problem, but all year round. If last year is anything to go by it was a massive problem for a lot of our customers.


Fleas on Cats & Dogs are small dark brown insects that like temperatures of 65 – 80 degrees and humidity levels of 75 – 85 %. Customers often ask me “How did my pet get Fleas”. One common way is contact with other animals as Fleas have strong back legs that enable them to jump from one animal to another. Around Dublin we have a large number of wild cats and fox’s that are infested with Fleas with which our pets come into close contact with. Note: Fleas don’t have wings.


Treatment – is very important in warm climates all year round, and in Ireland with milder winters our pets may have Fleas all year round unless we get a long cold snap. (Larvae can survive short periods of freezing temperatures.)

But treatment should begin in earnest in spring before the Flea season starts.

Preventing your Pet having Fleas is much easier and less expensive than trying to de-flea your home and pet.

There are many different Flea treatments available but the best ones can’t be bought over the counter in Irish shops you must visit your Vets for these.

In MUTZ NUTZ Pet Shop as in most Dublin Pet Shops we sell a wide range of products to treat Fleas & Ticks for Cats and Dogs. There are Flea drops, shampoos, collars, spray, bombs for treating complete rooms and powder ( a bit like shake and vac for Fleas). We have recently added an Anti-Parasitic Disc that repels Fleas and Ticks for up to 2 years, with 98% effectiveness on cats or dogs and scientifically proven to work. Its non-toxic, 100% chemical free, water proof, compact & comfortable for your pet. I can’t honestly say it works yet myself as I only fitted one on Timmy one of my dogs 2 about 3 months ago but so far so good. I will keep you’s posted on that front. It’s an expensive tag at €39.95 but not if it lasts for 2 years.



If Infected – getting rid of Fleas on your dog or cat alone does not treat the overall problem.

Only 5% of Fleas are actually living on your dog or cat the other 95% are in your house or yard.

So treating your dog or cat’s bed and your house or its kennel at the same time as you treat your pet is of utmost importants.

One of your best weapons in fighting fleas in your home is your Hoover.

Your Hoover will remove fleas, larvae and pupae all in one quick and easy step. As the pupae stage is waterproof it is impervious to insecticides but can be hovered up, also the vibrations of the hoover can stimulate the fleas from their pupae stag. Don’t forget that Fleas and larvae like dark places like under skirting boards and in cracks in floorboards, under beds, furniture and rugs etc. And when you are finished carefully dispose of your hoover bag or clean it out if it doesn’t have any bags.

Hope these notes are of help to you.

Thanks for reading

E Cooney



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