Irish pet owners are finally understanding the need to feed their pets better quality foods with higher nutritional values and less additives, artificial colour or preservatives.

When you get the wrong food it can often end up costing much more in veterinary bills and medicine to get your pet back to health.

I will talk mainly about Cat & Dog and try to keep it simple to guide you on important points in their diet.

First- avoid foods that say Various Sugar’s – cats & dogs don’t process sugar very well.

Second- avoid Grain based diets (mostly wheat) for dogs and even more so for cats as these are not nutritionally good for them.

Third- avoid Animal derivatives – as this is not just meat, it’s any part of the animal i.e.: beaks, hooves, hair etc.

At MUTZ NUTZ PETCARE we stock a wide range of food in our shop at Walkinstown, (the shop is much bigger than it looks) of which we constantly talk to customers about the benefits of one food over the other, buy explaining the meaning of the ingredients in the food.

If you stick to foods with simple ingredients in them you can avoid the three points above, Sugars, Grain, and Animal derivatives and end up with a food that your pet will thrive on for a reasonable amount of money.

For example in wet food there is a range of food called Naturediet it comes in 390 gram tubes and 7 flavours, one of which is for puppies. An example of quality is say the Chicken flavour it is 65% chicken, 10% rice 7% Vegetables and costs only €10 in our shop for 7 tubes, cheaper than very poor quality other brands.

There is quiet a range of quality dry food available a reasonable price range would be Gain Elite. At €39.95 for 15kg bags (also available in small bags) it is quiet good value but this still has maize in it. A jump up from this would be our Grain Free range of dog food with no wheat, maize, sugar or rice in it. Example would be the GRAIN FREE TURKEY, Sweet Potato & Cranberry made with 50% meat (26% fresh meat) 26% sweet potato, 6% peas, potato etc.

Next week I will talk more about food options but in the meantime if you want to call in to THE MUTZ NUTZ and we will go through the wide range of foods in our food hall at Walkinstown.

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